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Google Is Knocking, Is Your SEO Provider Giving It What It Wants?

Knock, knock. Do you hear that sound? Google wants to index your site but you aren’t answering the door with good content. It’s like your mom knocking on the door and you answering it, but are afraid to let her in because your house isn’t inviting. Heck, she may not even come in after she gets a good look at it, or at least not want to come back again.

Whether or not you even want your mom to come over is besides the point, the point is that your website must be inviting when Google comes knocking. Take a close look at your dealerships website, what kind of content do you see? Odds are you see a few static keywords at the bottom of you inventory pages, your front page and in a few other places but other than that there is no unique content, much less valuable, unique content.

Ask yourself this: “Is the content on my site valuable to the person reading it?” Forget about Google for a moment, forget about all the algorithm changes that none of us really understand anyway and ask yourself if the person reading the content on your site would find it valuable? What, you have no content beyond the keyword paragraphs at the bottom of your pages? Then what is your SEO provider doing then?

Google is in the business of giving results. Results that pertain to the search being performed. Nothing more, nothing less. If the results served up don’t match the request or if the results are low quality, then people will stop using Google. Keeping that in mind you must adjust the way your site is optimized, because if it has low quality content then Google won’t feel invited and won’t tell others about you (search rankings).

What Is Content?

Content can be any number of things, blog posts, videos, Facebook status updates, podcasts, tweets, and others. But, there is a different between content and valuable content. In a nut shell if you want more traffic follow this advice:

Create valuable, text driven content, that pertains to the keywords your customers are searching for on Google.

Stick with that advice and you are 80% there! Of course there are some onsite SEO rules that you should follow, such as:

  • Keyword in the URL.
  • Keyword density.
  • Alt text.
  • Keyword proximity.
  • Internal linking structure.
  • Anchor text.

And a bunch of other geeky stuff, but if you write for value you will have most of your bases covered. How can I say that? Because Google alters its algorithm all the time in order to weed out spam. In other words, they are looking for naturally written content, nothing that is trying to game the system. In fact, Google has even put a penalty on over optimization… go figure.

So, back to the question I asked earlier, what is your SEO provider doing for you? If they aren’t constantly creating valuable content then you aren’t getting the return that you could be getting if that valuable content was being continually added to your dealerships website. This could be in the form of blog posts, digital fixed-op specials, new car specials, local happenings, vehicle comparisons, employee spotlights and a host of other things, all aimed at helping your would-be-customers find what they are looking for.

Check out these content creation stats:
(The stats below are from Hubspot)

  1. 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog. TWEET THIS
  2. Inbound leads cost per lead 61% less than outbound leads. TWEET THIS
  3. In 2012, the audience of internet users in the U.S. will expand by 3.1% to 239 million, representing 75.6% of the total population. TWEET THIS
  4. Don’t Forget Video: The average American internet user watches 30 minutes of video online per day. TWEET THIS

I could go on forever with these stats but the bottom line is if you want to sell more cars and more service while at the same time increasing both your word of mouth and customer loyalty then create valuable content that both your customers and future customers want to consume!

Would you like to see what 3GE can do to drive more converting traffic to your website? Lets have a conversation, contact us here.

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