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3GEngagement User Experience
Walking your Customers Down the Sales Funnel

Our automotive SEO and PPC services are designed to give potential customers a positive first impression of your dealership.

It can be easy for SEO agencies to focus on "the algorithm" — on what Google's constant page ranking changes mean for your website. But, ultimately, what Google thinks when it sees your pages isn't as important as what your customers think. Our automotive marketing pages are designed to achieve excellent pagerank on Google, but also to delight your customers once they land there.

High quality content on your website gives users the winning first impression you need to turn them into customers. We'll explain below how 3GEngagement earns your customers' trust and puts your sales team in a position to succeed.

Why Your Customers' Online Experience is Our Main SEO Focus

Trust and responsiveness outweigh other factors — even price — when consumers decide where to buy their vehicle. The most effective way to drive more customers to your dealership is by creating positive experiences for them online. 3GEngagement crafts informative, reliable content that gives your customers a positive experience before they even step foot on your lot!

What are you Really Selling? The 3GE User Experience

We prefer to think about it this way: Your website isn't there to sell cars — your sales team does that. Your website is there to sell a superior customer service experience. Your website is there to earn the trust of shoppers, turn them into leads, and motivate them to visit your lot first. By sending well-qualified, well-informed and motivated leads to your door, your sales team will close more deals. Here's how we'll do it:

Google Featured Snippets

For many common queries, Google search result pages now include a "featured snippet." Before any results from the web are listed, Google places a key paragraph from a high-quality piece of content at the top of the page. This featured snippet is also what Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant will read aloud when using voice search. Because Google only chooses trustworthy and accurate sites for the featured snippet position, getting your content here is a boon for your dealership's reputation! At 3GEngagement, we craft pages that are more likely to earn the featured snippet selection from Google.

Good EATing

In the world of online marketing, EAT stands for Expertise, Accuracy and Trustworthiness. These are the standards by which online content is judged. As the strength of Google's algorithm improves, pages that genuinely help real-life people are outperforming pages that were designed merely for search engine rank. That's why our content department is staffed by trained automotive experts. We'll write accurate, informative content for your site. Not only will customers appreciate a human touch on your website, but Google also rewards these informational pages with a higher pagerank!

Competitive Pricing

Remember, your dealership website isn't there to merely sell cars — but pricing still matters. This is especially true in your fixed operations departments, where customers may not think of the dealership as the most affordable choice and instead turn straight to aftermarket alternatives. At 3GEngagement, we understand that your dealership is the best place to go for automotive maintenance services. As part of our SEO package, we can craft special discount pages for your fixed ops departments. These pages tell potential customers that your services, parts and accessories are priced to compete with other shops and vehicle service chains. We'll show customers that they can get a better value and superior service at your dealership, motivating them away from the quick-lube chains and local garages that are eating your lunch year after year.