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Same Internet Sales Team as Last Year? BIG Problem

Yesterday I had a conversation with a small west coast dealership that had attended one of our Digital Fixed-Ops and SEO workshops.   We were just checking in since our last conversation and just happened to mention that his internet sales team had gone from one to four salesmen in the last year and a half.  …

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Stretching Your Team, Making Them Realize Their Greatness

I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve had a few different blog authors these past few weeks. Why is that? It’s because we believe in stretching our team members. At 3GEngagement we are blessed to have one of the best digital marketing teams around and we want to showcase them! I’ve said it before so bear with…

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Effective Communication Is Your Greatest Ally

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship both inside and outside of the workplace. It’s what makes clients respect the people they do business with, and it also is what keeps strong ties on friendships and marriages. Communication is how relationships are formed, that being said, lack of communication is often times the root…

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