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Being in Control of Your Online Reputation

Now if you own a dealership you are aware that, yes, online reviews can make or break a company. Yes, it’s true that 86% of consumers look at reviews and 72% treat reviews like a personal recommendation from a friend.

As you can see choices are made because of your reputation

As you can see choices are made because of your reputation

Yes, we all understand that, but the real question we all must ask is, “what do we do with this information?” That is an excellent question and this is where I introduce to you Reputation Management. Now what exactly are the specifics to Reputation management and what could it possibly offer you? Well, in the words of 3GE Vice President David Johnson, Reputation Management does four main things:

1) Generate Views

2) Help with your Online Ranking

3) Builds a Relationship with Your Customers

4) Helps with Generating Revenue

Let’s start with your online presence. For people to make reviews about how awesome your dealership is you must first have sites like Google+, Yelp, Facebook, etc. You also want to monitor it. But with over 50 possible websites for a customer to say how amazing your customer service is, it would be impossible to monitor it all unless you hired an entire branch of people to do it. Even then, all those people would have to be constantly looking at said websites.

If you think it’s a hassle to create a Google+/ business directory, try doing that with 50 other online directories. Reputation Management does all of that for you, and it keeps up with all of your reviews. Plus, when you make a location change or there’s a big sale going on, Reputation Management will easily edit all of your business directories instantly. But it doesn’t stop there. It will also let you know when anyone makes a post about your company on social media sites. For instance, if someone says, “3GEngagement is the best. They’re just so amazing” you would be notified as soon as it happens.

Now more views means a higher internet ranking, but if you want to see how many people are looking at your websites, leaving comments, or even posting reviews, you can easily access all of your statistics via the Reputation Management website. Reputation Management is a simple, easy-to-use tool that will help you further your online ranking and help you move your cars faster.

But more importantly it helps your relationship with the person who matters the most—the customer. It’s hard to keep track of all the reviews being thrown at your company. With responsiveness being a key factor in helping make a customer happy, you would obviously want to reply to a review as soon as possible. Reputation Management has a nice, easy setup for you to respond to that valued customer. There’s nothing like knowing that a business cares about how their customers feel, and there’s no better way of doing that then by simply responding to their reviews.

Now why do you as an owner care about any of this? Well, it generates revenue. Like I’ve said in a previous post, your online reputation affects your sales. Actually, it even goes as far as to affect your customer base as well. So is it really okay to leave alone something that impacts your business so much? Or should you be in control of your online reputation?

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