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Automotive SEO

We don't like to be mysterious about what we do. You know what we mean by that don't you? Most automotive SEO companies are hired, then you don't hear from them until you send them an email because you notice your rankings aren't any good. At 3GEngagement, we understand that frustration and we've designed our SEO service to be totally transparent. Each month you will be sent a report with screen shots of rankings, as well as links to the pages we've created for you. In fact, you will even get a phone call from your account rep to go over everything with you.

Pages? What? Again, at 3GEngagement we designed our automotive SEO service for maximum results. To do that there has to be more done to your dealerships website than adding a paragraph or two, here and there. That's why we create pages each and every month, pages that get indexed, pages that drive traffic, traffic that converts into leads!



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MozCast is a weather report showing turbulence in the Google algorithm over the previous day. The hotter and stormier the weather, the more Google's rankings changed.

SEO isn't a simple software driven service. It changes every day; techniques change, focus changes and results change. When picking an SEO company make sure they're dialed in to the daily changes that are happening, and not simply giving you basic, software driven SEO.

Our Reputation

Our reputation matters. It defines who we are. Our reputation is that of one of the premier automotive SEO companies. We take pride in that, and you can too. How do we do that? We adapt. We pay particular attention to the Google algorithm updates and make changes based off of testing. Any SEO company that doesn't test, test, test is just following what somebody else says will work. We believe in being a leader and that's exactly how we want your dealership website to perform, as a leader.

Our Focus

Our focus is you and your bottom line. We specialize in delivering SEO, pay per click, social media, PR services and content creation to ensure that your dealership website is ranking high and converting leads. Along with on-page SEO, we also work on off-page SEO (backlinking) to ensure that we deliver a well rounded, all inclusive product to our dealership clients.

Our extensive automotive SEO packages include:

  • Full site SEO evaluation and strategy plan
  • Analysis of all indexed pages on your website
  • Video search engine optimization & YouTube marketing strategy
  • New car strategy with model page content creation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Optimized content creation for all profit centers
  • Meta data analysis including custom title tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions and on page anchor text
  • Link building off page to your website from numerous high ranking websites and directories relevant to your website and location
  • Google Places Optimization with citation alignment
  • Internet reputation analysis, report and action plan
  • Monthly reporting from dedicated account manager
  • Social branding & marketing strategy
  • Ask about our social integration packages!
Dealership SEO

How Are We Different?

When asked about what sets 3GEngagement apart from other automotive SEO providers our answer is that we build pages. We don't just add a paragraph at the bottom of your websites pages, rather we build new pages with unique content that's indexed by the search engines and drives traffic to your site; traffic you wouldn't get any other way. In short, we ensure that there's more of your site, each and every month, for the search engines to love!