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3GEngagement New Car Specials
How 3GE Optimizes Your Specials for Page Rank & Lead Generation

When you announce special pricing on a vehicle in your inventory, what comes next? Of course, you update the price on the website listing. You probably also connect with local advertising partners, like newspapers and radio stations, to update your ad campaign with the latest offer. But do you optimize your website so potential customers in your area discover your new offer before they find a competitive deal somewhere else?

At 3GEngagement, we pick up where automotive dealer website services like DealerOn,, DealerFire and Dealer eProcess leave off — creating fully-custom, individual pages for all your new car specials, adding relevant content and search-friendly metadata. That means more customers will discover your offer online, and you sell your inventory faster.

Why Your Dealership Needs Custom SEO for Specials Pages

The tools provided by your dealer website fall short of what's necessary to set your dealership's special offers at the top of search engine results pages. That's because, when you use copy direct from the manufacturer, you're using the exact same copy already in use on the manufacturer site and perhaps dozens of other dealership websites, too. Google views this as duplicate content, and such pages rank poorly. That's why, for each and every new car special, we'll write custom, original content checked meticulously against manufacturer spec. Content for your site is well-written, accurate and optimized to convert just like ad copy from the manufacturer — but it's totally unique to your website! That means Google and other search engines will recognize greater value in each page, and rank them well for your target search queries. That gives you a serious edge over the competition.

How Custom Content Increases Leads & Boosts Sales

A 2018 Cox Automotive study illustrates what auto dealers already know: More customers are performing research online than ever before. 61% of shoppers began their 2018 new car search with online research, a number that promises to grow in the coming years. What's more, that same study tells us that customers are now visiting fewer dealerships before making a purchase than in past years. By the time a customer is visiting dealerships, they know what type of vehicle they want, and what would be a fair price for it. That means, if you want to sell more cars, you need to be one of the first dealerships a customer discovers online — and what they find online must motivate them to visit your showroom.

New car special pages are crafted by our experienced content team to help put your dealership front and center. We'll highlight the special savings offer, as well as write a custom page detailing the features and benefits of the model being advertised. By providing this information all on one page, new customers find all the information they need to choose your dealership! We provide contact info, test drive scheduling, vehicle price, specs and more, all on a page that's easy to discover on Google. That means your sales team gets more leads.

Why Frequent Updates Are Important for Dealership Specials

By frequently publishing new car specials and supplementary research pages, your website becomes dynamic, with new content uploaded consistently. This helps your entire website perform better on search. Not only will our pages create new opportunities for your dealership to be discovered by potential customers, our frequent posting schedule improves the page rank of all your pages!

3GEngagement makes our SEO services for dealerships flexible and scalable. We also work with your team and your budget to put together a publishing schedule that matches your goals. As part of our onboarding process, we recommend an aggressive publishing schedule of 16 new pages created for your site per month. Of course, this schedule is scalable to your needs and desires. Frequently updated content for specials is typically done every month as incentives change, and updated content for newly arrived models is also an important part of providing value for your potential customers as well as the search engines.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Design

The smartphone is now among the most powerful and popular research tools used by car shoppers looking for the right vehicle at the right price. If your website isn't mobile-friendly, you're missing out on a primary source of traffic to your site. In fact, Google says that 1 in 3 shoppers who used a smartphone to perform research while car shopping also used it to locate or call a specific dealership! Customers still use desktop computers — but when it's time to buy, they're on their phones and visiting showrooms in-person. Our pages are designed to load fast and work flawlessly on any device. No matter how a new lead arrives on your site, 3GEngagement puts your best foot forward.

Customer-First Search Engine Optimization and Why It Matters

In the past, SEO was sometimes viewed as a game of Man vs. Machine — with the ultimate goal of "tricking" Google and other search engines to reward clever page optimizations with more clicks. This approach led to spammy websites ruling the top search results, so Google had to make a few changes. Today, the advanced algorithms used by search engines rank pages based on their usefulness to the reader. That's why 3GE boasts an in-house content team dedicated to crafting quality, helpful pages that visitors to your site will find trustworthy and informative. By creating content that actually helps your customers, we build trust with your audience and with Google! There is no one-size-fits-all approach to search engine optimization anymore. The only SEO strategy that is sure to work revolves around high-quality content that readers are already searching for. We'll create that content for you at 3GEngagement.

Customer-first search engine optimization also means putting our own customer first — that's you, the client! We can work with any special request or need. Our versatile, talented team of automotive experts, graphic designers, SEO copywriters and web marketing professionals can make almost any vision come to life. Tell us about your dealership's unique challenges and we'll craft the perfect SEO service package to tackle them.

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