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3GEngagement Digital Fixed Ops
Online Performance for Automotive Parts & Service

More customers will find your dealership and turn to you for parts and service through our powerful SEO strategies, laser-focused SEM ads and actionable content.

Automobile service and parts represent a $350 billion/year industry — but dealership fixed ops departments are missing out. In fact, a recent study found that service and parts centers at dealerships see just $100 billion/year. That means dealerships are forfeiting more than two thirds of a market that should be theirs by default. Our Local SEO and SEM services for Digital Fixed Operations give your dealership the tools necessary to compete with national service chains and popular quick lube stations.

How Local SEO for Automotive Fixed Ops Earns You More Customers

According to Google, 60% of customers use digital tools to perform research before any dealership purchases. That number is even higher for post-purchase service. In order to attract and keep your fixed ops customers, you have to show up in their online research. The only surefire way to accomplish this goal? A robust, ongoing digital strategy that adapts to how your customers use search, find information across multiple devices and make purchase decisions. That’s what we do best.

The National Automobile Dealers Association tells us that roughly half of all profits earned at dealerships come from fixed ops. Yet fixed ops make up less than three percent of the average dealership marketing budget. Why is that? Would-be customers in your area are looking for answers to their car maintenance questions. 3GEngagement delivers content that answers their questions, and positions your dealership as the place to go for superior parts and service. What’s more, we can boost your fixed ops reach even further with pay-per-click SEM and intelligent retargeting.

What to Expect from 3GEngagement's Fixed Ops Services

Our team will work tirelessly to align your web presence with your service and parts department goals. That means crafting stellar content, the kind of content your customers want to find. Then, we apply our search engine optimization and marketing expertise to ensure that — when a potential customer searches for auto maintenance-related queries in your area — your site appears high in the search results, so your department books more service appointments and you make more money. It’s that simple.

Since 2011, 3GEngagement has specialized in digital fixed ops marketing for dealerships. Content for your site is written by automotive experts who deliver authoritative, accurate content for your pages. We won’t tarnish your brand with inaccurate or outdated information. Every single page is custom-written for each client by a talented SEO professional, checked against official OEM data for clarity and accuracy, and uploaded to your site by our expert web team. That means you don’t even have to think about SEO content. It appears and updates on your site — seamlessly.

Do Service Coupons Really Make a Difference?

A recent study by Cox Automotive reveals that the top four reasons customers choose not to have service carried out by the dealership are cost-related. Customers often do not believe a dealership provides the best value on the market for their auto maintenance and repair needs. As a cornerstone of our Local SEO service for Fixed Ops, we’ll work with your service and parts departments to post monthly special offers. These pages will also explain why dealership service and parts are a better value compared to service provided by your competitors. What's more, customers are enticed back to the dealership with competitive service prices and limited-time offers.

Frequently Asked Questions — A Popular Customer Resource

Gone are the days when a customer would faithfully pore over the owner’s manual to find the answer to their car-related question. Today, customers expect all the information they need to make a decision right at their fingertips. That’s why our Digital Fixed Ops services also include FAQ pages. These are a valuable resource for your customers that provides them with accurate, detailed answers to many common questions associated with vehicle ownership. Warranty-related questions, maintenance and repair-related questions and more are thoroughly answered right on your site — lending your service department an authoritative, helpful, trustworthy tone, so you book more appointments.

Is Digital Fixed Ops Marketing by 3GEngagement Right for Your Dealership?

As a boutique marketing company, 3GEngagement is uniquely able to make our Digital Fixed Ops services flexible, scalable and affordable. By fitting our services to your needs, your budget and your way of doing things, we come alongside you to enhance your position on Google and drive more high-quality traffic to your site. That’s why 3GEngagement offers the best automotive SEO content in the industry, along with our SEM expertise in pay-per-click marketing and retargeting: So no potential customer goes unreached.

To learn more about how our services can help your business grow, click the button below or call 719-424-7149. One of our account representatives will be thrilled to show you how 3GEngagement takes the guesswork out of fixed ops marketing.

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