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The meaning behind the name 3GEngagement

For many people, naming your child, a business or a pet (and for those of you who know me well, you know that I have named a few dogs in my day) is simply picking out a name that they like the sound of or is the flavor of the day. For others, it takes on a more important role. Naming defines who they want their child to be. Naming their pet will define their personality. Or what they want their business to represent and stand for. And with 3GEngagement that was exactly the case. There are two parts of our name:  3G and Engagement.

3G is named after our kids. When it came time to name this company, I could have gone with something that had my name in it like “Hanson Digital Marketing”, “CJH Digital Agency” or many other options. But the focus for me, was all about family. Let me explain…

We have three children, a 17 year old son, 13 year old daughter and our little surprise 3 year old son. The first two have names that start with G so when the third came along we thought, is there a name that we like that starts with the letter G?  And then there was the 3 G’s. As time went by and I’m not sure how it started but I started referring to him as G3. Thats how 3G came about, the 3 G’s. The reason I named the company after them is because I knew if I built a company that had my wife and our kids best in mind, that would be success. I knew if our company was built with family first, that would define true success. And success that would extend over to everything in our business…

3G also extends through to our employees. If we have their best interest in mind, that will define success. If we provide an environment that is fun to work in, gives them freedom to be creative and encourages them to be open, we will succeed. I knew if I built a business where my team was the focus and not just all about “me”. That would be true success.

3G also extends through to our clients.  If we work with our clients as if they were family, as if we were their employee, that would be success.  If the reason we did this was for our clients, for their business and helping them grow…that would be true success.

3G stands for you, not us. Its all about family, team and clients.  Not me, but them.


You can find many debates about the meaning of Engagement online as it relates to the digital world but I am going to walk you through how it relates to 3GEngagement. Merriam-Webster defines it as an “arrangement to meet or be present at a specified time and place”, “something that engages”, “the act of engaging”, “emotional involvement or commitment”. The Latin word for Engagement is Fides. Fides is defined as: promise, assurance, word of honor, engagement. Engagement defines everything that we are as a company and is the relationship we want with our employees and what we strive to accomplish for our clients…….

The 3 G’s and lovely wife of 20 years. The above meaning of 3G is a promise, assurance, and my word of honor that this company will be built with their best interest in mind.

Our Team. It’s more than just business with our employees, because of the hours that we will spend working in our lives, it should be rewarding, exciting and they should be appreciated, heard and rewarded. They are not employees, they are what runs this business. They are what makes us succeed. Fides. That is my commitment to them.

Our Clients. Our promise, assurance and our word of honor is to be engaged in their business, their trials and troubles as if it was our own. We have an emotional involvement or commitment to our clients that few companies have or even want to have. And in everything we do for our clients, we want the same to extend to their customers. To create an overall online presence that engages and connects with their customers in a way that doesn’t exist online.

3GE is short for 3GEngagement and stands for family, team and our clients.

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