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Google Visits 3GEngagement

Google visits 3GEngagement

Google Visits 3GEngagement 

3GEngagement was fortunate enough to be one of five agencies in Colorado – and the only agency in Colorado Springs – to receive a visit from members of the Google Agency Team. The purpose of the visit was to officially launch a new partnership that adds incredible value to the products and services that we’re able to offer our clients.

We had an amazingly productive meeting wherein we learned that the Google Agency Development Manager will be assisting 3GEngagement with key items such as strategic planning, research, industry insights and training and will also conduct business reviews with us.  In addition, the Google Agency Account Strategist will be proactively working with our Account Managers to more effectively identify account-level opportunities along with new product adoption and betas.

3GE Internal Certification:  At 3GEngagement, we’re proud to have a very digital savvy team who’s always looking to improve and enhance their skill.  One of our main focuses has been to develop our own internal 3GE digital certification program comprised of three separate levels of achievement.  During the meeting, we learned that Google would like to help support this initiative by providing training, e-learning and educational resources.  For the purposes of certification, 3GEngagement employees will have access to self-service training, invitations to in-person Google meetings and one-on-one training with a digital media advisor.

Client Performance:  At 3GEngagement, we’ve proven that we know how to deliver great results for our clients and, with Google as our partner, we know we can only improve from here.  The Google Agency Team, impressed with our past success, expressed interest in working very closely with 3GEngagement to identify opportunities for our clients so that we can both continue to grow and thrive.  Google will also be providing access to trends and insights so that 3GEngagement can continue to refine existing campaign strategies and structures to continually improve our overall performance.

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