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5 Reasons Why Your Dealership Should Start An eNewsletter

Do you send out a monthly automotive newsletter? Do you get why you should even have one? In this post I will share with you a few ideas, five actually, about why you should.

It Drives Traffic

We all want more traffic to our website, don’t we? Bottom line, more traffic means more leads. More leads means more sales, for both sales and service.

It Drives Loyalty

In order to create loyalty you must go past the point of the sale and build a relationship with your customers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to physically talk with them face-to-face, they can have a relationship with you through the content you create. This content is shared in your newsletter and as long as it adds value they will begin to look forward to your emails. Add to their lives and watch your repeat business soar.

It Drives Word Of Mouth

Traffic to your site does more than generate leads, it also gives more chances for people to share your content. If you’re constantly sending valuable content, it can be:

  • Service specials
  • How To Take Care of Your Battery in The Winter
  • A video on how to set the clock
  • 5 Tips On Buying A New Car
  • How A Local Student Won The National Spelling Bee

Or a number of other things, but as long as it’s valuable and is something that they can use, you up your chances of your content being shared.

Also, by creating valuable content and sharing it with the people in your newsletter list you are better able to set yourself apart from other dealerships. By being incongruent with the common perception of the auto industry you are better able to elevate your presence above your competitors. That in its self will help to spur word-of-mouth.

It Drives Top Of Mind

Dealerships have been talking about top of mind for as long as marketing and advertising has been around. By continually being in front of them with timely and valuable content you go a long way to ensuring that when the need arises for a new car or service, that you are the first dealership that they think of.

It Drives Your Expertise

People like to do business with people that are experts. It makes them feel comfortable about doing business with you, especially in the service department. By becoming an expert you will drive more traffic, increase loyalty, create word-of-mouth and help to develop top of mind. If all that sounds familiar it’s because we already spoke about it in this post. The idea is that the longer people are receiving your newsletter and the more valuable they find it, the more of an expert they will come to see you as. When that happens all sorts of good things will come your way. Dare to be different. Dare to be an expert.

A Few Bonus Tips

  • Most dealership CRM’s are not a good place to send an email newsletter out of. Most have poor inbox rates and lack the ability to track certain metrics that let you know if your email newsletter was a success or not. On top of that they lack templates and aren’t all that easy to use for mass mailing.
  • Newsletters are great for lead nurturing. Roughly 20-25% of the leads you are receiving on a daily basis are ready to buy. By included them in your newsletter list, for long term follow up, you go a long way to shortening their buying cycle and making your dealership the clear choice.
  • Newsletters are a great way to get your service specials out to your customers. Think about when the best time to send out a winter special would be. Think timely.
  • Talking about things that are happening in the local marketing will help people to feel that you are part of the community. Yes, that is a good thing!
  • Put a sign up list on your blog, if your content is good and you incentive the sign up, with an eBook, you will be surprised how fast your list could grow.

There are many other reason why you should have an email newsletter but the bottom line is ROI. With a newsletter you can do it yourself using services such as MailChimp or Constant Contact or you can hire it out and let the professionals do it for you. They will ensure that the content is valuable, that it gets delivered on a timely manner but most of all they will ensure your ROI.

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