Our company timeline

April 2011

The 3GEngagement Logo

Chris Hanson starts 3GEngagement, named after his 3 kids whose names all start with G – The 3G’s. Engagement, the key to everything 3GE does online.

Early 2011

Digital Fixed Ops graphic

Huge opportunity exposed for Parts and Service as Chris Hanson creates Digital Fixed Ops. Hanson starts getting invited to speak all around the country educating dealers and OEM’s on this huge opportunity.

August 2011

Google Invitation graphic

Four months into business, 3GEngagement is starting to make their mark as Chris Hanson is invited to Google Automotive to visit the new Google Automotive Jumpstart Team.

December 2012


Volkswagen of America hires 3GEngagement to review their digital marketing and online strategy.

April 2013

Client Map graphic

On track to double 2012 business as they continue to help dealers all across the country dominate their markets.

May 2013

As 3GEngagement continues to grow and paces for doubling their business in 2013, they moves into a larger office space with it’s own conference room as the team grows to 15 very talented people.

July 2013

SEM Chart graphic

3GE launches new SEM platform with keyword level call tracking and dynamic inventory campaigns and Reputation Management Platform.

August 2013

Chris Hanson is invited to Google’s Headquarters in Mountain View, CA to an exclusive, invite-only Google Event.

November 2013

3GE keeps growing, as our staff increases to 23, and we’ve expanded out into the entire first floor of our building.

January 2014


3GE puts the finishing touches on v1.0 of their Reputation Management platform, and makes it available to clients. They immediately begin work on v2.0.

March 2014


3GE becomes a BING Authorized Reseller.

May 2014


Josh Donaldson, Operations Manager, makes Partner.

July 2014


Google flies in two employees to launch a new partnership with 3GEngagement. 3GE was one of only five agencies in the state of Colorado and the only one in Colorado Springs picked for this exciting new partnership.

August 2014


3GEngagement was one of only 260 Agencies from around the world (50 countries represented and only 80 from the US) invited to Google’s Headquarters in Mountain View, CA for an exclusive, invite only Google Event.  Chris Hanson attended this year and it’s the second year in a row 3GEngagement has been invited.

July 2015


Our CEO Chris Hanson was invited to speak at MozCon, the premier annual SEO event where experts from around the world attend and speak. Hanson presented at the first MozCon Ignite event that was held on Tuesday night.

August 2015


3GEngagement was invited to the first Auto Dealer Council meeting at Google in Mountain View, CA.  Chris Hanson attended this exclusive meeting that only 11 agencies from around the US were invited to.  This will be an ongoing meeting of the minds that will get together twice a year.

September 2015

3GEngagement was once again invited to the yearly, invite-only event at Google’s Headquarters in Mountain View, CA.  This year exclusive event saw 500 people from around the world with 51 countries represented.  Chris Hanson attended this year.

December 2015


Chris Hanson was invited to Google’s Headquarters in Mountain View, California to record some videos in their studio to discuss the 2015 Google Auto Path to Purchase Research data that was just being released.

April 2016


The Google Auto Dealer Council has expanded as Google invites 15 Agencies for the 2nd Automotive Roundtable at Google’s Headquarters in Mountain View, California.  Chris Hanson and Bobbi-Jo Hanson represented 3GEngagement at this event.

April 2016


Microsoft invited 3GEngagement to the first ever BING Agency Partner Summit. Our CEO Chris Hanson attended this invite only event that agencies from around the the World attended.

June 2016

3GEngagement is awarded Premier Google Partner status. The Premier Partner status is the highest level that an agency can achieve and one that only a small fraction of agencies around the world have achieved.

“The new badge is designed to recognize Partners who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and deliver great results for their customers. Premier Partners will be required to maintain additional certification requirements and will receive increased support from Google.”

November 2016

Another invite-only Google Event on the books for 3GEngagement. This year it was in San Francisco with 1,000 of the top agencies from around the World (51 countries).

June 2017

3GEngagement was one of only 35 agencies invited to the first Google Automotive Summit. The 35 agencies represented 75% of all dealers and 90% of all tier 3 spend.

September 2017

3GEngagement attended the annual invite-only Google Event of all of the top agencies from around the World. Our CEO Chris Hanson attended this years event which was held in New York, NY.