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3GEngagement Automotive Retargeting
Turning Window Shoppers into Buyers with Sophisticated Retargeting Techniques

When a multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster is about to debut, you can't help but take notice — because advertising follows you everywhere. Billboards, radio spots, TV commercials and, of course, online ads seem to pop up wherever you go, constantly reminding you of the latest must-see flick. Our sophisticated automotive retargeting strategy creates this very same effect for your online customers. After a lead has left your site, your ad campaign sticks around to help remind them on their phone, desktop, laptop, tablet, and even the devices of family members connected to the same network at home.

With years of proven automotive digital marketing expertise, our team is ready to put the power of remarketing to work for your dealership. We'll make sure that your hottest leads are still thinking about your dealership long after they've clicked off your site.

Cross-Device Retargeting
Leveraging Multiple Devices for Just One User

The basics of retargeting are these: When a user visits your dealership site, we anonymously "tag" that user's device — whether it's a desktop computer, tablet or phone — and our advertising partners across the internet alert us to where that user browses next. We then bid on ad space on sites that user visits. These bids dynamically adjust based upon how recently that user left your site, how far down the sales funnel they went before leaving, and which sites that user is browsing. This allows us to bid more aggressively on hot leads, showing them ads more frequently. It also allows us to reach them the next time they're in "buying mode" — waiting until they visit Autoblog, Kelley Blue Book or another car shopping research site before showing them your ad once again. These ads themselves also update dynamically, showing the user your best price on the exact make, model and trim level of their interest. The result? A media blitz across the entire web, individually crafted for each user.

Thanks to recent tech advances from Google and others, we can now follow a user anonymously around the web not only on the device they used to look at your site, but on any device they use. So if a user was browsing your inventory from a desktop last week before clicking off, and now finds themselves searching for "car dealerships in my area" on their phone, our sophisticated algorithm identifies this and can retarget this user on their mobile device. A search for local car dealerships from a phone indicates this user is ready to buy now — making them the perfect recipient for your latest ad!

Because Car Shopping is a Family Affair: 
Household Network Retargeting

In the business of car sales, it's never just one person you have to sell. A new car is most often a family purchase. Each member of a household is a unique stakeholder in the prospect of which new car the family will buy — Mom wants plenty of cargo space, Dad wants a little extra horsepower, and the kids are clamoring for that rear-seat Blu-Ray player.

By identifying the IP address range for an entire household, we can target family members with relevant ads when just one member browses your site. So if Dad has been checking out a new SUV, we'll start showing ads for the latest and greatest models in your inventory to Mom, Grandma and the kids, too. So no matter who the vehicle is for and who makes the purchasing decisions in the family, our automotive remarketing strategy ensures everyone has got your dealership and your best offer on their minds.

Be a Social Butterfly with
Social Media Retargeting

Traditional retargeting only works if your users are browsing the web the old fashioned way, from website to website. Today, many users spend most of their time on individual social media apps without making use of their browser at all. While they're using these apps, they may not be reached with traditional ad campaigns.

That's why 3GE includes everyone's favorite social media apps in our retargeting strategy. Now, even if your customer has no plans to leave Facebook and browse the rest of the web, we can still deliver your ads. Best of all, these ads get superior visibility because they're baked into the app itself! And it's easy for users to share these ads natively using the share functions of the app.

Getting Full-Size Attention
from a Compact Agency

What truly makes 3GE different isn't just what we do, however: It's how we do it. We put you, the client, in control with robust reporting and effective, clear communication. We'll explain everything about our remarketing efforts for your dealership, and we can make changes on the fly to improve your results. We're as flexible and nimble as you are.

3GEngagement is a boutique marketing company who builds our services around your business. Anybody can set up a retargeting plan, kick up their feet and let it run. For us, that's just not good enough. We constantly monitor your results, making tweaks and writing more powerful ad copy to generate more leads and maximize your investment. Always striving for more and better is what sets 3GEngagement apart from the rest.

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