Emmanuel Reid | JR PPC Specialist

About Emmanuel
  • Emmanuel was born and raised in Florida, moving to Colorado in 2009. It was in college where he was majoring in marketing that he stumbled upon digital marketing and paid search and took to it immediately. Working with computers, it was analytical and creative, and there was a purpose to it.  It was a perfect fit. Emmanuel started learning about it on his own from courses online to random blog post or people unveiling secrets about this amazing new career and now he's found his home at 3GEngagement where he can perfect his skills and contribute in any way possible.

    Emmanuel grew up playing sports (mainly football) and learned how to surf when he was around twelve years old so after that, he spent most of his summers around beaches. He's always had an interest in computers from learning how to install a hard drive when he was 10, to pulling all-nighters playing video games and then heading straight to school and being miserable the whole day.

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