“I’ve been working with Chris for two years and during this time, I have had the pleasure of learning and presenting retail lead management and website optimization techniques. Dealers that I work with continue to talk about his seminars, and how they have seen real sales results from the tactics and strategies that Chris taught. I would not hesitate to refer dealerships to Chris who wanted to really get to the next level.”

March 4, 2011
William StentzDigital Field Strategist, Eastern Region, Carmichael Lynch worked directly with Chris at Carmichael Lynch

“An “Expert” in his field.Creative and a “Leader” in an ever changing industry.”Results” that exceeded our expectations. Those are just three of the many things that describe Chris. His ability to see an opportunity not a problem, communicate a vision that everyone can understand, most all “Walk the Walk” separates Chris from all of those so called “experts” that can talk about it, but can’t execute. Chris brought our companies into the 21st century from a digital standpoint( Internet) and kept us there. If you want to succeed do just one thing—–HIRE CHRIS!!!!!!”

March 3, 2011 – Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Edward French, Director of Operations for Community Ford, Community Chrysler, Valley Chevrolet and Bloomington Ford hired Chris as a Business Consultant in 2008, and hired Chris more than once

“Chris Hanson brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to the table. His background in the automotive retail industry instantly builds credibility with clients be they OEM or franchised dealers. He understands the many layers of online marketing and is able to present the benefits in a manner that his clients can easily understand and more importantly, implement easily.

“Chris has provided training on Internet Lead Management and online marketing for both the Subaru field staff and our franchised dealers. I have learned a great deal from Chris and the dealers I represent love him. Many of our Subaru dealers have walked away from his presentations inspired and have immediately gone to work on processes suggested by Chris and have seen success.”

January 14, 2011
Charles LamoureuxDistrict Sales Manager, Subaru of America was with another company when working with Chris at Carmichael Lynch

“Chris is an articulate and enjoyable trainer. Not only does he captivate an audience but he has sound and realistic ideas that a company can implement immediately to grow their business!”

November 9, 2010  – Top qualities: Expert, Creative
Laurie JohnsonDirector- Training and Customer Loyalty at Del Grande Dealer Group hired Chris as a Strategist-Trainer in 2010

“Chris gave my company insight on various ways to utilize the internet and social media. Upon implementing the ideas given within a Subaru North America workshop, we have seen significant increases in business as a direct result of these ideas. I was particularly impressed with Chris’ manner that was both engaging and informative. I would highly recommend Chris in utilizing his Internet skills.”

November 9, 2010  – Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
William FosterGeneral Manager at Gerald Jones Volvo Subaru hired Chris as a IT Consultant in 2010

“Chris is an outstanding resource for all things digital. His retail automotive background makes him highly skilled and credible in working with car dealers to improve their internet operations. I give Chris Hanson my highest personal recommendation. Jim Pernas”

September 4, 2010
Jim PernasDirector, Portland Zone, Subaru of America worked directly with Chris at Carmichael Lynch

“Chris Hanson is a one of the best I have seen at Digital Marketing, SEO, and the Intenet Lead Management process. He has conducted many informative and “eye-opening” training seminars on behalf of Subaru of America in the Western Region assisting many Subaru Managers and Owners setting up their website to be more efficient and visible to customers shopping the Subaru brand. He has been instrumental in opening them up to new ideas and ways of marketing that is producing immediate results in the rise of customer leads. His assistance and expertise has made our crawl into the digital space a stronger jaunt.”

August 22, 2010
Bill AlmquistRegional Process Manager, Subaru of America worked directly with Chris at Carmichael Lynch

“Chris’s presentation was extremely valuable to us. His ideas and support materials were well thought out, pragmatic and customer focused. They simply made sense and they are doable. Our goal is to achieve a 25% closing ratio on our Internet leads and our work with Chris provided the road map to make that happen!

“Chris, is an invaluable resource to our company and to me personally. Since our last meeting, he has followed up with additional value added ideas and materials. He gets our highest recommendation.”

August 20, 2010  – Top qualities: Expert, Creative
Frank GrahamManager, Training and Business Development at Roy Robinson Chevrolet, Subaru and Motorhome Center hired Chris as a IT Consultant in 2010

“Chris brings a unique blend of online and retail experience that strongly positions him as a credible business consultant to Automotive Dealers. He has an inate ability to assess a Dealer’s SEO & SEM strategy, making short & long-term recommendations which result in measureable success. Chris’ knowledge of emerging technologies and most LMS and CRM systems, deepen his value to the management team of any dealership.”

August 9, 2010
Joel ZimmermanSales & Product Training Manager, Subaru of America worked directly with Chris at Carmichael Lynch

“I have been working with Chris for the last year and can’t say enough good things. Chris has the direct experience of having worked in retail as well as on the tier 2 and OEM side so he “gets it” across the board. Planning strategy and executing with Chris has been made easy by his passion for his customers success and his knowledge on how to make that success happen. Chris is an individual who truly has his customers best interest in mind and it shows from work ethic to trying new tools in digital communication to make sure those customers have the best chance of success in today’s business climate. Chris is a leading edge consultant and a proven performer whom I would work with again in an instant and whom I recommend to any dealership not 100% satisfied with their own digital performance.”

August 5, 2010
David MarodStrategic Alliance Manager, Outsell LLC was a consultant or contractor to Chris at Carmichael Lynch

“Chris has the ability to gain trust and build solid working relationships with clients, ranging from automotive dealers to senior marketing leaders. He readily brings hands-on digital marketing know-how to bear in terms that marketers and businesspeople can easily grasp. He is a solid team player and can both lead and follow as necessary. A truly stand-up performer.”

August 3, 2010
James KimDirector of Digital, Sr Partner, Carmichael Lynch managed Chris indirectly at Carmichael Lynch

“I had the opportunity to work side by side with Chris while at Subaru of America. While some Digital Strategists can offer only “strategic theory”, Chris has spent time in the trenches and knows what works because he’s actually tested his wares in the field. His no-nonsense, duplicatable approach can make a difference for any retailer willing to put his ideas to work.”

July 23, 2010
Erik RadleMarketing Manager, Subaru of America was with another company when working with Chris at Carmichael Lynch

“Chris has a keen understanding of both automotive retail operation and digital business. As a result, Chris is able leverage credible insight towards improving digital activation and return throughout the business channel.”

July 19, 2010
Michael D. CampbellLos Angeles Zone Director, Subaru of America, Inc.managed Chris indirectly at Carmichael Lynch

“Chris has a unique ability to offer perspective from both the retail and manufacturer’s point of view. Because of this Chris has always been able to describe things in a manner that hits home to his audience whether he’s in a showroom or an OEM function. Working with Chris has always been a pleasure as he has always been willing to offer first hand advice for whatever issues may arise.”

July 19, 2010
Sam SpagnuoloDigital Strategy Manager, Subaru Distributors Corp.was with another company when working with Chris at Carmichael Lynch

“I have worked around Chris for several years. When we were competitors, in sales he was always the guy to beat. Since then he has been a great consultant and resource for ideas to increase my internet sales. He is always connected, and knows the stat’s of what is working best. When I am in a slump or in need of creative ideas to improve sales Chris if the first guy I call. I have been to several training events he has lead and they have all been well worth attending.”

July 17, 2010
Chance BlackInternet Manager, Subaru of Georgetown and Volvo of Georgetown was with another company when working with Chris at Carmichael Lynch

“As an up and coming internet manager Chris provided training to my relatively new department.

“With his expertise, insight, and recommendations we have been able to take our department to the next level! Chris is a true master of his craft and when it comes to his expertise there is no one better!”

July 17, 2010
Jason Adame-QuenellInternet/Fleet Sales Manager, Kearny Mesa Hyundai Subaru was with another company when working with Chris at Carmichael Lynch

“Chris not only brought great knowledge and ideas to my department but support and energy. He developed the department as a whole and me as an individual. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking to start or expand an internet department.”

November 9, 2010 – Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
BJ DelagrangeInternet Sales at Dreyer & Reinbold BMW Infiniti hired Chris as a Business Consultant in 2008, and hired Chris more than once

“I had an opportunity and pleasure of working with Chris at VinSolutions and have learned an infinite amount about the automotive internet industry and best business practices. Chris is extremely professional and committed to the industry and offers world class ideas and insight.”

October 15, 2010
Mo ZahabiSenior Product Manager – OEM and National Accounts, VinSolutions worked directly with Chris at FollowUpForSuccess.com

“I’ve know Chris for quite some time now, and it is interesting to watch his influence spread. Chris has always been the “just right” blend of visionary and achiever. This is the guy who can grasp ideas or processes before they are common, boil them down into something that is concise and actionable, and then communicate their importance and HOW to do them to the masses. He is extremely well written and a polished speaker. I’m not sure if there are very many better trainers out there. Anywhere. His encyclopedic knowledge is nearly frightening at times, yet he is the one of the kindest and most approachable guys you would ever have the joy of knowing. He’s that 1%’er that you are always striving to have on your team. Good luck. This guy is in constant demand. He’s one of the few who sees over the horizon. He has everything in place. And while everyone else is struggling or trying to figure things out, Chris is doing it! He’s the guy who can lead the team to the Promised Land. When he speaks, you would be wise to listen. And take notes.”

July 13, 2010
Tiny MaloneVice President, Advantix Marketing, LLC was with another company when working with Chris at FollowUpForSuccess.com

“Chris can be best described as out-of-the-box. He is constantly challenging people to push the envelope and come up with ideas to smash the competition. With Chris, there are no excuses, it seems like he has an idea and a solution for anything!  Best of all, if he doesn’t know the answer, he knows someone who does. All-in-all, I know who to call on when I need ideas regarding anything internet or sales.”

July 3, 2010  – Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Anthony RomeSales & Leasing Consultant at Valley Imports hired Chris as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired Chris more than once

“I have been avidly following for years from a respectful distance Chris Hanson’s incessant, impressive march to digital excellence. A prolific writer and highly respected speaker, Chris Hanson makes the nonsensical sensible. He makes the impossible possible. In a vendor world chock full of way too much Internet hocus pocus, Chris confidently and quietly demystifies and simplifies the often complex process of turning a dysfunctional dealership organization into a dynamic profit center. Chris understands the evolving needs of the demanding, Internet-sourced customer of 2009 and beyond. He understands how to integrate currently popular social media forums with proprietary websites. Most importantly, he understands how to work collaboratively and courteously with forward-thinking but overwhelmed dealerships to develop and implement logical courses of action and vital process changes that will bring about significant long term improvements in gross profit. It’s not rocket science, it’s Chris Hanson science, and it works. So, what’s the delay? Call or e-mail Chris today. You will be glad you did. He looks forward to hearing from you.”

August 28, 2009
Christopher FerrisInternet Sales Training Consultant, Forward with Ferris was with another company when working with Chris at FollowUpForSuccess.com

“I am excited to endorse Chris Hanson. He is not only an authority in the automotive industry, but is also a world class trainer and a trendsetter. Before I met Chris, I had been a student of his proven follow up techniques and implemented most of his processes into my own dealerships. After getting to know Chris, it is easy to see why his touch his so golden… it’s a lot of hard work mixed with sincerity, honesty and a passion for the car business that is sorely lacking in today’s market place.”

December 4, 2008  – Top qualities: Great Results, Expert
Tracy MyersOwner at Frank Myers Auto Maxx hired Chris as a Internet Sales Consultant in 2005, and hired Chris more than once

“Chris is an exceptional and respected leader and is knowledgeable in all aspects of dealership sales management.”

September 10, 2008
Lee KempPresident, Forest Lake Ford, Inc was with another company when working with Chris at Follow Up For Success

“Chris is a great guy to work with. He knows internet sales and has enjoyed success everywhere he has been. Chris is a person I enjoy working with and is a friend.
Brian Ankney”

August 20, 2008
Brian AnkneySales, SellingSuccess was with another company when working with Chris at Follow Up For Success

“I just wanted to write a quick note in regards to the information and support Chris provided my clients, Valley Imports in Fargo, and Grayson Auto in Knoxville recently. Both said he provided a simple, easy to implement, and customer friendly process just like he promised!

“As a sales trainer my clients expect me to stay ahead of what the market is doing so that their sales teams can take the customer through an effective, non-confrontational and profitable process. When my dealers asked “who do you know who can help us fix, or enhance our internet process”, Chris is the guy that comes to mind.

“Both of my dealers think I am a genius because He helped them more than double their units and their per car gross average. I am the genius because he is such a genius! I love it!

“In today’s internet driven competitive marketplace any dealer who doesn’t use Chris’ processes is loosing thousands of dollars daily. I can swear to it along with my clients!

“P.S. I have dealers who are going to use Chris for the V.I.P. (Virtual Internet Program) that he just implemented. He can now manage the leads, confirm the use of the process, and generate ROI reports for my dealers!”

January 30, 2008  – Top qualities: Great Results, Creative
Jonathan W. Dawson, hired Chris as a Business Consultant in 2006, and hired Chris more than once.

“Chris is the type that consistently over-delivers on a promise. In my numerous dealings with him, I have always been impressed with every aspect of how he handles himself both professionally and personally. One of the things I admire most about Chris is his willingness to help with projects even if he does not benefit directly from the investment of his time.”

June 16, 2008  – Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Kevin McCarthyInternet Sales Manager at Mike Toler Chrysler Dodge Jeep hired Chris as a Business Consultant in 2006, and hired Chris more than once.

“While it may be easy to “blame the sales team”, Chris Hanson will tell you that it is seldom so simple. Sales performance can suffer because of many reasons, both external and internal to a company. However, there are usually three key areas that a Chris Hanson will focus on:

  1. sales processes
  2. Resource optimization
  3. Management tools

“Whether you’re a corporate Dealership Group with clearly defined sales processes or a Single rooftop with a laissez-faire approach to your sales team, the reality is that your people are following a process. Chris Hanson help’s clients first define the existing sales process, working with your sales team, management, and customers to understand what’s actually happening.

“Often, from initial sales consulting sessions, it becomes clear that not every sales person is following the same process. One of the huge benefits of Chris Hanson is that he provides a fresh perspective, unencumbered by “baked in” assumptions and internal culture.

“Once the sales process has been defined and mapped, a Chris Hanson will work with his client to refine and optimize it to improve top-line performance.

“I would defiantly recommend Chris Hanson to anybody at anytime……. I hired him and am glad I did.”

December 22, 2008
Mike DulleaChief Sales and Marketing Officer, VinSolutions.com managed Chris at VinSolutions

“Chris has wealth of knowledge in eCommerce and has the ability to turn an internet department or BDC into a money making machine. Not only does Chris have years of experience in the car business he has the technical savvy and is up to date with the best tools to help dealers manage and use their own data to communicate and sell to a dealers most important asset…their customer.”

November 5, 2009
Don FaveroVice President of Sales, VinSolutions managed Chris at VinSolutions

“Chris is amazing in his field because he is innovative and is willing to try new things. He reminds me of myself in many ways when it comes to building and managing an internet sales department because we have very similar beliefs. He is also responsible for some of the best creations in the automotive industry. It is my pleasure to recommend Chris as the right professional for any opportunity that is available to him and also as a very good friend of mine.”

May 21, 2009
Stan SherNational Account Manager / Industry Relations, RedNumbat was with another company when working with Chris at VinSolutions

“Chris is one of the most innovative Director of eCommerce I have ever came across. He was actually one of first to pursue implementation of Automotive Lead Scoring for his dealerships. At that time, many dealers have never even heard about it. He got the concept right away. Even so, he took time to analyze it, kept data, and developed processes to maximize his dealerships’ sales. If this is what he does with our product, imagine how he is with others. These are all signs that Chris understands Automotive Internet Selling and would only embrace products and services that solve problems or enhance performance. I recommend Chris Hanson.”

November 26, 2008
Tony LyDealer Liaison, SmartLeads, Trilogy, Inc. was with another company when working with Chris at Nourse Family of Dealerships

“Chris has an unmatched knowledge of eCommerce and his track record of rapid advancement in the Automotive industry proves this. I have worked with Chris in several different capacities and have always found the partnerships to be mutually beneficial.”

July 2, 2010
shawn morseRegional Sales Manager, VinSolutions worked with Chris at Saturn of North Texas

“Chris has an outstanding work ethic. He is also very creative in the E-Commerce world. I have had the chance to work with Chris at 2 dealerships now. I can only hope that I have the chance again. Thanks Chris for all you have shared with me. I know that I would not be as internet sales savvy without your expertise.”

October 28, 2008
Dwayne ShirleyUsed Car Manager, Saturn of North Texas worked directly with Chris at Saturn of North Texas

“Chris is an outstanding internet/BDC manager in the automotive industry. Chris has a great understanding of technology currently being using in dealership today and has used this technology to improve performance in the dealership he has worked. I would recommend Chris to run any size of internet/BDC department. Also he is power user of Motosnap, powered by VinSolutions.com”

October 6, 2008
Doug KinneyCEO, Vinstickers, LLC was a consultant or contractor to Chris at Saturn of North Texas

“Chris has been a great asset to have as a customer helping us develop our software with a perspective from someone who oversees internet departments for mutiple rooftop locations. He has given us insight of what he feels are key points he looks for to gauge his stores success at a glance or what follow up steps he has found to be most effective in years of internet experience.It has been exciting to watch Chris go into new groups and grow a process with our software and take multiple internet departments and make them very profitable centers for his dealership groups.”

August 11, 2008
Randell HornV.P. of Sales, Vin Solutions LLC was a consultant or contractor to Chris at Saturn of North Texas

“Chris was easy to work with and really understands the Internet Car Business.”

August 4, 2008
Kim OBrienDealer Support, Veretech, Inc. was with another company when working with Chris at Saturn of North Texas

“Chris Hanson exemplifies what I consider to be the “best of breed” in the e-commerce sector of the automotive industry. On countless occasions I have witnessed the success of his innovative sales processes and tactics in a dealership environment. Chris consistently searches for new ways to engage consumers with value, cutting edge information, and exciting ways to understand more closely the advantages of his store, and their products.

“I would highly recommend him for mine, or any other sales organization….and believe him to be not only an innovator, but someone that can only accentuate the performance of his co-workers, and colleagues.”

August 2, 2008
Cody GarnettSenior Vice President of Sales, VinSolutions.com was a consultant or contractor to Chris at Saturn of North Texas

“Chris is on top of the ever changing e commerce Automotive marketplace. He is a forward thinker, and is always one step ahead of the competition.”

August 5, 2010
David ThomasDealer, Subaru of Plano managed Chris at David Thomas Auto Group

“Chris is a foremost authority in the automotive industry especially within the realm of internet sales, lead generation, etc.  Great to work with and has amazing life stories to tell!”

February 3, 2009
Kevin HeistSales and Promotions, Subaru of Plano worked directly with Chris at David Thomas Auto Group

“It has been a pleasure during the past two and one half years to have worked with Chris Hanson. During this time, I have found him to be nothing less than truly an “automotive professional.” Not only has Chris developed an e-commerce department from “the bottom up,” he has also produced and implemented processes and procedures for various departments within several automobile dealerships of which we have both been employed. His technological and innovative expertise is certainly to be commended by all of his co-workers as well as his supervisors (i.e. dealer principals).

“Chris possesses an unbelievable passion for the automotive business and its technological aspects. His association with vendors is both positive and cost-productive in that through his relationships with these vendors, he is able to understand what it takes to reduce costs for both parties. Thus, these characteristics make him a valuable asset to any organization, particularly a dealership’s management team.

“It is without any reservation that I recommend Chris Hanson for employment with your organization.

Jim GoodsellGeneral Sales Manager/Used Car Manager, David Thomas Auto Group managed Chris indirectly at David Thomas Auto Group

“Chris Hanson’s sales strategies and managing philosophies are proven to be extremely successful. I feel honored to have been able to work for Chris while at the David Thomas Auto Group and Saturn of North Texas. I have yet to meet another person with such a strong drive and sharply-focused work ethic. His innovative ideas and “smart selling” techniques have been a great help to me, and I attribute much of my personal success to Chris for all of his great training and advice. Companies that have hired Chris Hanson as their Internet/eCommerce Director have seen their sales numbers literally double within months. Just let him work and do his thing, he will take it and barrel ahead at full speed.

“Personal Note: Thanks Chris for all of your help, it works!”

December 1, 2008
Nick GilleyInternet Sales, Subaru of Plano reported to Chris at David Thomas Auto Group

“Chris is one amazing person. I have learned so much from Chris in regards to online marketing practices and the inner workings of a dealership.

“I’m constantly amazed at his time management skills. His ability to start and finish any project on time, with tremendous results is bar none. Chris is always looking to increase his knowledge base and to help pass that knowledge onto others.

“I have worked with hundreds of Internet Directors and Managers and Chris is one of the best that I have seen.”

October 18, 2008
David JaremaNational Sales Director, Autotropolis.com was a consultant or contractor to Chris at David Thomas Auto Group

“Chris is a true professional. He can handle the toughest cases with grace and smile while being detailed and data driven. He is friendly and openminded which helps him to build long lasting relationships.  To the Reader: If you are looking for references please do not hesitate to contact myself.

August 18, 2008
Jacek BladekR&D Manager, Frito Lay was with another company when working with Chris at David Thomas Auto Group

“I had the pleasure to work with Chris on DFWAutoplex.com. Chris was very helpful to our organization in developing a website that would meet the needs of the DFW Automotive Industry. Chris has great knowledge and depth in regards to automotive on-line sales. Chris is an expert and resource in this industry and one person that I admire and respect.”

August 12, 2008
Donnie M. CampbellProject Manager – DFWAutoplex.com & Account Manager, Clear Channel Radiowas a consultant or contractor to Chris at David Thomas Auto Group

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chris as he was a client of Dealix on several occasions during his tenure at Subaru and Saturn Dealerships. Chris always does a stellar job of refining and expanding the online sales enviornment while measuring it all. He truly understands the processes involved and the value to the organization. I would consider him an asset to any companies strategy.”

August 4, 2008
Ken GantzerSr. Regional Sales Manager, Dealix, division of the Cobalt Group was with another company when working with Chris at David Thomas Auto Group

“I was the director of Leasing while working closely with Chris Hanson in designing and controlling the sales process. His efforts and talents are hard to find in todays auto dealership personel. Surperb business person, I could never say enough good about him!”

August 3, 2008
Harry AstonMarketers, Newtwork Marketing worked with Chris at David Thomas Auto Group

“Chris has a dedication to success combined with good ethics, a combination that you don’t often see in the automotive industry. I’ve had the opportunity on multiple occasions to see the amount of effort he puts into projects, ensuring that his employer and his customers have the best tools available to conduct business. Whether you are looking to buy a car or looking to sell a car, you always want Chris on your side!”

August 2, 2008
Joshua McFallSr. Manager Sales / Training, Rocket City Enterprises was with another company when working with Chris at David Thomas Auto Group

“Chris arrived at a time when our nascent eCommerce operation was ready for someone with strategic vision and proven Internet sales principles to show us the next step. I was able to take his ideas and recommendations and build upon them to take our online new car sales business to its second level. His concepts are sound and his customer-centered sales approach works. Highly recommended.”

May 14, 2008
Trace Ordiwaye-commerce Sales Manager – New Cars, DTAG, dba Subaru of Dallas reported to Chris at David Thomas Auto Group

“Chris continues to surprise me with the creativity and enthusiasm he has for comfortable car sales. He is and is going to continue to be someone to watch in this industry.

“I give him full credit for transforming the use of Ai-Dealer’s shopping cart ecommerce system for vehicles from a passive service into a proactive marketing vehicle. Immediately upon installing our service, Chris emailed all consumer (sold + unsold) to let them know that the group had installed the service.

“He also excels at wrappering the shopping cart ecommerce service for car dealers with comfortable and consumer-friendly people and process skills… because despite the cool new piece of technology (shopping cart), it takes all 3 elements for true sales success – people, process and technology… Chris is a master of the hard two… technology is easy.”

October 16, 2007
Brian HoechtCEO, Ai-Dealer was a consultant or contractor to Chris at David Thomas Auto Group

“I met Chris through an article he wrote in Auto Success magazine. I emailed him with a question and soon we were talking on the phone. He graciously gave me his time and helped me when I was new to Internet Sales years and years ago.

“Chris is a giver and deserves any amount of success that he obtains. I highly recommend Chris, his knowledge of the car business is surpassed only by his passion to help. Thank you for everything Chris!”

December 4, 2009
David JohnsonBDC Manager, Orville Beckford Ford Mercury was with another company when working with Chris at Hibbing Chrysler

“Dear Chris,

“On behalf of DaimlerChrysler Academy (DCA), please accept my sincerest thanks for your participation as a Subject Matter Expert in the Developing Your Business Web Course. Your success and dedication to your career in the retail automotive sales most assuredly places you in the position of a role model for your peers and colleagues. Thank you for taking the time to share what you have learned with others – to assist them in building successful careers.

Luis E. Martinez Senior Manager, Global Training – DaimlerChrysler

“Dear Chris,

“We would like to thank you for your recent participation in the development of DaimlerChrysler’s Academy’s Prospecting for Success Web course.

“As one of an elite group of the most successful DaimlerChrysler sales professionals, you possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise that you’ve worked hard to acquire during your career in the automotive business.  It’s especially gratifying to us that you’re so willing to share what you’ve learned with a new generation of sales professionals – those with the drive and aspiration to attempt to follow in your footsteps.

“By inspiring and leading others through your exceptional example, you help ensure a successful future for DaimlerChrysler and our dealerships across the country.  After all, it is through your hard work and achievements that we’re able to sell the best cars and trucks in the industry.

Pat Kittle Director – DaimlerChrysler Academy” View Letter

“Chris is a very dedicated sales manager whose key to success is following the steps to the sale along with his ability to follow up with his customers like no one else does.

“Chris caught my attention when his talents were recognized by Chrysler and used in their national training program.”

August 2, 2008
Dave ImmelGeneral Sales Manager, HUB West Chrysler Dodge was with another company when working with Chris at Hibbing Chrysler