Bill Blackburn | Web Developer

About Bill
  • Bill Blackburn started his automotive career at the age of 16. Working summers and evenings as a lot man, porter, and inventory control specialist. Never expecting a career in the automobile industry to be part of his future. He continued in his automotive education and expanded his automotive experience while attending college.

    Upon graduation in the late 70's with multiple business degrees, he was faced with a similar economic reality facing many college graduates today. There just weren't many "career job" opportunities available at that time. The large dealer group he had worked at during college offered him a position while he "waited for a career position" to become available in another industry. Funny how so many people get into the car business while waiting for a "real job."

    Great mentoring, a determined personality, along with being in the right places at the right time changed his career path forever. Almost 40 years later Bill has experienced an exceptional automotive career. The last fifteen years have included a direct focus on developing successful Internet marketing strategies within the automotive and retail industries. Bill created and launched his first automotive website in 1998. He says he found it easier to learn to create websites himself then to try teaching developers or advertising agencies how to create a website that actually generated sales leads!

    Bill has successfully held every position in the retail car business and is dealership approved with 17 franchises. He has personally sold over 18,000+ retail & lease vehicles. He has developed and implemented dealership sales strategies using traditional and Intenet marketing methods that have generated over $600 million in new car, used car, service, and parts sales in the last ten years alone. He has been recognized multiple times by NADA, Automotive News, Dealix, WardsAuto, Denver Business Journal, and other non-automotive Internet retail marketing resources as one of the top 100 automotive Internet marketing specialists in the country.

    Often asked, "why with all of your automotive experience have you decided to work with 3GEngagement instead of another large dealership group?"

    Bill's answer, "When I met Chris Hanson I was immediately impressed with his honesty, personal drive, and understanding of the car business. I feel we share the same view regarding growth opportunities in automotive internet marketing. I believe experienced car people understand the demand for results within the automotive industry. 3GEngagement has matched automotive experience with technology expertise to create dealership client sales success. I find this exciting."

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