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  • Chris Hanson
    Fri Nov 4 2016
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  • Michael Sean Christensen
    Thu Jul 7 2016
    3GEngagement is the top digital marketing agency in Colorado Springs. They specialize in the automotive industry and are great to work with!
  • Vicki
    Wed Sep 23 2015
    Great presentation! very informative and very factual. Helped me understand more about social media and the power that it holds for us.
  • Jordan J. Pearson
    Fri Apr 3 2015
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  • Holly Fahey Christensen
    Mon Mar 23 2015
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  • Jacob Hanson
    Sun Dec 21 2014
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  • Dwayne Shirley
    Tue Sep 16 2014
    What a privilege it is to work for my friend Chris Hanson and 3GEngagement. Not only does he believe in our Clients, but he believes in our employees as well. There aren't many people who take Digital Marketing as personally as Chris and 3GE do!
  • Jonathan Dawson
    Mon May 5 2014
    The tools and strategies that come out of 3G are tremendous and innovative. I've personally worked with Chris Hanson for over a decade with him as a consultant to a dozen or more of my clients, never regretted it. Quality work, consistent results, and integrity from the beginning to end - that's why I recommend 3G Engagement!
  • Arnold Tijerina
    Tue Mar 18 2014
    Outstanding high-quality work by a professional and friendly staff whose goal is to make sure the customer is happy. Top notch company in all ways. Love my website. Thanks!
  • Priscilla Faust
    Sat Jan 25 2014
    I have to say, tremendous job! 3GE has taken my business to a whole new level. They're work is exceptional and professional. They really make you feel like a part of the team and not just another website on the list. They are quick to respond to requests and really look at you and your company as a whole then makes your ideas a reality. I must say Cody is top notch to work with and really made sure everything was satisfactory. Plus he made the entire time easy and smooth. Chris Hanson has really given me not only the professional look but also the creative edge i was searching for. Thank you to everyone on the team.