3GESocial Is More Than Just Engagement

At 3GEngagement we take social seriously. It’s more than just engaging your likes on Facebook or your followers on Twitter. We’re all about the bottom line, which is what social done right is all about. Did you know that there are people, right now, talking about car shopping? Did you know that there are ways to find them, engage them, and generate incremental business? This is part of what we do here at 3GEngagement when you hire us to manage your social media. We call it:

Sales MappingAutomotive Social Media

Think of Sales Mapping as a way to both find and engage people that may or may not be connected with you on your current networks. There are many different terms that can be searched for, such as “car shopping,” like I used in the example to the right.

Not only are people talking about buying but they are also talking about obtaining service. At 3GEngagement we have software in place that will allow us to find, in real time, when people are talking about car shopping or obtaining service.

From there it’s just a matter of engaging them in a non-threatening manner in order to earn their trust and then referring them to the dealership. Depending on the area, these conversations are happening multiple times a day. Potential sales just waiting to be engaged. Are you missing them?

That’s where 3GEngagement comes in: our community managers are versed in two-way engagement. They’re trained at building rapports and making referrals. This is business that your dealership wouldn’t have gotten any other way and it can be both sales and fixed-ops. This is business that most dealerships know nothing about, business that is ripe for the taking and at 3GEngagement we know how to find it; best of all we all we know how to get that business to you!

To the right you will see PART of one such conversation that lead to a phone call to the dealership. These types of interactions are there to be had if you know where to find them and know what to say. At 3GEngagement we know how to do both!

Automotive Social MediaTwo-Way Engagement

Most dealerships know the importance of engagement when it comes to social media. It’s been beat into their heads by just about everybody in the industry but that’s only half of what really needs to be done.

Most businesses, not just dealerships, stop at one-way engagement. In other words, they will put up a picture or ask a question that is engagement worthy but they fail to engage the people that are liking the update, commenting on it, or even retweeting it.

Instead of just letting people comment, it’s important to go back and engage the people that are commenting. It’s all about the conversation; the dialogues that you’re able to create that will lead to word-of-mouth, that will lead to customer loyalty.

Engagement is a precursor for brand ambassadorship and at 3GEngagement our community managers are masters at creating rapport and conversation. This rapport and conversation is important and is the real power behind social media.

We’re all about the humanization of the dealership. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be friends with a dealership, with a brick and mortar business. Because of that we take conversation very seriously. It’s these conversations that lead to the humanization of the dealership.

Take a look at the images to the left and you will notice 135 comments on a picture of a cat and 270 comments about school pride. These numbers never would have happened if questions weren’t asked to get more comments; if dialogue never took place.

At 3GEngagement this is built into all of our packages. Two-way engagement is the core of what it means to humanize the brand; your brand.

It’s important to note that the auto industry has changed but the perceptions of it hasn’t. Through the proper engagement in the social space, your dealership — in the eyes of your community — will become a beacon for change. Because of that it will lead to word-of-mouth and customer loyalty. Both of which lead to more sales.

Bottom line: Social = ROI

Social ROI Reporting

Social ROI Reporting

At 3GEngagement we believe in proving the work we’ve done, which is why we’ve developed a suite of Social ROI Reports. These reports will show you the work we’ve done for you in the previous month as well as growth over time. We don’t stop at just the number of likes and followers, we go much deeper than that!

Facebook Contest

Contest Facilitation

Contests are a great way to add likes and keep the people in your community coming back for more! At 3GEngagement we do things differently, by making sure that contests add to the overall image of your dealership. This increases word of mouth, user generated content and customer loyalty!

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Your reputation is the key to increased profits. With 3GEngagement we ensure that your best foot is always forward by using social to help increase your dealership’s reputation. Also, we will help to defend it! We scour the web 24/7 for any mention of your dealership and report back to you with a plan of action!

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