Digital Fixed Ops

Drive More Traffic, Sell More Service with Digital Fixed Ops

Digital Fixed Operations

Is your dealership taking advantage of the nearly 2 million service appointments scheduled each month online? Are you letting the independent shops rule the online searches and digital fixed ops? If you're ready to make a change and drive traffic, RO's, customer loyalty and word-of-mouth then contact us HERE and lets get started!

Dealerships are always looking for ways to bolster their fixed-ops, for ways to generate more service traffic. That’s where our Digital Fixed Ops product/service comes in. Most people, when searching for a place to get an oil change, new tires, a tune-up, or any other number of maintenance and/or automotive repairs are looking for specials or coupons. We’ll make sure that they are there when people are searching by driving search traffic to your specials, traffic that you would have gotten no place else.

Digital Fixed Ops is SEO. With our DFO package, we create content heavy landing pages who's job it is to rank well, drive traffic and convert into more service & parts business for your dealership. We've been handling fixed ops advertising digitally  this way for over 5 years. Along the way we've learned what works and what doesn't, giving you the confidence needed to bring us on board. 

40% Of Automotive Searches are Looking for Service, Parts and Maintenance. 

Included in our Digital Fixed Ops package(s):

  • Build and update up to 8 digital fixed op’s pages per month (including landing page [great for SEM and Google Places!])
  • Custom images and specials/offers relative to your market or corporate focus
  • Custom Headers
  • Build includes images, descriptions, and links if website has product pages
  • Thorough SEO on images (Title & Alt tags), Anchor text, unique meta data including title tag, Keyword meta tags, Description meta tags and link structure.
  • Link building TO your website relative to service and parts
  • Delivery of social media suitable content that agrees with and links to your service initiatives

Service Department Marketing
Tired of looking like every other dealership in your market? If you're looking for ways to stand out, get seen, but most of all for a way to generate more leads to your parts and service departments the 3GE team has you covered.

We'll handle all the details, build the pages, create the specials, design graphics but most of all we will drive traffic to your service lane. Are you ready?