Automotive PPC Process

Our Automotive PPC Process

Here at 3GEngagement, we don't do cookie-cutter. We always strive to ensure that each of our campaigns is given the same amount of scrutiny and thought that's needed to assure that it's generating as many leads as possible. 

True, it's easier to take a previously created Ford dealer's campaign and use if for another but that doesn't guarantee that the new campaign will perform as good as the one it was copied from. This can be an issue with companies like ours that focus on one industry, there is a lot of copy and paste. We don't do that. We use a three step process  that we call: Gather, Track and Fine-Tune. 


Information gathering is an important first step when it comes to starting a PPC campaign. It's easy to skip this part when you're familiar with the industry the campaigns is for, such as automotive. Since this step is so very important there are 6 parts to the first step that we focus on:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • KPI Analysis
  • Brand Standards
  • Client Input, and
  • Analytics Configuration 

Once all the information is gathered and the campaigns are built based off of those findings, we then proceed to step two.


Now that the campaign is running we continually check the data to ensure that it's meeting the KPI's set in step one. Tracking form leads and phone calls is an important part of running a successful campaign and allows us to track towards what really matters, lead quality and quantity. 


Now that we've gathered all the info we need and are tracking towards our expectations, we  continually fine tune the campaigns for maximum effectiveness. 

This includes:

  • Adding Keywords
  • Adding Negative Keywords 
  • Split Testing Ad Copy
  • Landing Page Designation
  • Day Parting,
  • Etc...

At 3GEngagement, we're dedicated to doing things the right way and following a strict process aimed at ensuring that the campaigns is continually moving towards greatness.