Automotive Retargeting

Automotive retargeting is all about turning window shoppers into buyers. It's about keeping your dealership in front them as they research makes, models, categories and other dealerships. At 3GEngagement we aren't just on the GDN, or the Google Display Network, rather, our focus is much larger than that. With the 3GE Trade Desk, we have access to every major ad exchange with over 2 million queries per second. A single network is not enough!

Odds are that you're familiar with traditional site-wide retargeting where you follow a person around the internet with display ads after they've left your site. We go much further than that here.

We use a recency scale in order to serve up ads to the people who've just left your site, more aggressively. What that means is we will bid higher, say 20% higher to people who've left your site in the last 6 hours and then drop that to 15% for the next 6, 10% for then next, 5% higher for the next and so on until we stop showing them ads altogether. This type of strategy, coupled with frequency capping ensures that we are getting in front of people when it matters. 

Below are a few different automotive retargeting tactics that ensure maximum results. 

Automotive Retargeting

With Cross Device Retargeting we're able to follow an automotive shopper around even if they change devices! It used to be that an in-market buyer had to visit your website on multiple devices if you were to follow them around on their desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. 

That's NOT the case anymore! We live in a multi-screen world where automotive research can be taken on the go with the ever present mobile phone or on a tablet. As marketers, we want to ensure that we're in front of people where it matters, and that means on all devices. With Cross Device Retargeting there isn't a need for a seperate tracking pixel, we use the same pixel for this type of retargeting as we do for site-wide. 

Automotive Household IP Retargeting

With typical site-wide retargeting were able to target the people who've visited your site with specific ads related to what they looked at. But what about the people who didn't visit your site but help to influence the person who did?

A little confusing? Think of it this way. Let's say the husband visits your website, gets the retargeting cookie installed on their browser and then is served up ads aimed at drawing him back to the site, what about his wife? With household retargeting we can do just that, we can target others by IP in the very same household and retarget them just as if they came to your website. 

Automotive Facebook Retargeting

Facebook. It's the second most visited site on the internet and the most used app on both Android and the iPhone. It makes sense to retarget people as they use Facebook, doesn't it?

With Facebook, people are using it throughout the day, giving us ample opportunity to serve them up an ad as they socialize. This type of retargeting is done in what is referred to as the right-hand-rail. It's the part of Facebook where you see the ads on the right hand side, but will show up in the newsfeed on mobile.