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Automotive PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is the best way to get traffic to your dealerships website, today! Most dealerships have some level of involvement in PPC, many of which are fearful to run their own advertising campaigns. That's where 3GEngagement comes in. Each pay-per-click advertising campaign is set up by a 3GE professional and is continually managed to ensure you receive optimum automotive PPC results. At 3GEwe will handle every detail including the creation of the campaign, continuous oversight, continued strategic revisions and optimizations, as well as send you in-depth reporting with both email and phone support.

Dynamic Inventory - Automotive PPC Campaigns


With our Dynamic Inventory Campaigns (included in our Basic +, Pro and Elite PPC Solutions) we pull your inventory feed up to twice a day and create ads from every new or used vehicle in stock. From there, we link these ads directly to the VDP.

This allows for higher click-through rates, lower cost-per-click but above all a higher conversion, with more leads and of course more sales! How? By serving up the exact vehicle, right down to the year, make, model and the trim level of the vehicle your next customer is looking for.

Do you have six 2007 Subaru Outbacks? Then we can serve up a search page on your website that lists them all, with the ad giving an as low as price. Yes, we've built flexibility right in!

We now offer dynamic NEW campaigns! Want to learn more about what we can do? You can check it out HERE.


Smart Remarketing


Unfortunately, you're website won't convert at 100%, and since it doesn't, that's where Smart Remarketing comes in. In short, remarketing is what happens when somebody visits your website, then leaves your website and then is served up a display ad on other websites, directing them back to yours.

We have the ability to serve visitors up the exact vehicles they looked at while on your website, increasing the likely hood of them returning.

Remarketing isn't just for display anymore, Google allows remarketing on the search network now, allowing us the ability to target your customers in even more ways. Adding video to the equation, which we will talk about next, we can remarket your website visitors with text, display and video, offering up incentives to entice them to come back to you are your website.

Video Pre-Roll Marketing - Adwords For Video


At a recent invitation only Google event in Mountain View we were given these stats about online video:

  • 30% of car buyers were prompted to start shopping after seeing an online video ad.
  • 40% of auto shoppers decided which brand to purchase based on an online video.
  • 61% of auto purchasers visited a dealership after viewing an online video.

Bottom line? Youtube is a great place to change peoples mind. Another stat they gave us was that 63% of purchasers start with a brand in mind and only 20% purchase that brand.

With Adwords for video 3GEngagement can boost the effectiveness of your automotive PPC campaign by creating a dynamic ad campaign at all levels of the funnel.


Keyword Level Call Tracking


With keyword level call tracking we can make decisions on your automotive PPC campaign that we couldn't make otherwise. With our advanced algorithms, keyword level call tracking, website conversion data and a host of other touch points we can decrease bids or not bid any at all on keywords that aren't converting to a phone call or web lead, while at the same time increasing budgets on those words that are.

Keyword level call tracking allows us to prove an ROI beyond showing you clicks, VDP views, time on site, pages per visit and other non bottom line data. While the previously mentioned metrics are important, they aren't as granular as lead generation tracking.

With keyword level call tracking in place we can increase your ROI, in some cases up to 43% higher! As with Dynamic Campaigns, keyword level call tracking is standard in all of our automotive PPC solutions, Basic +, Pro and Elite.

Advanced Algorithms Backed By The Human Touch


Much like Google has their algorithm, we have ours. Every 30 minutes 100s of different numbers are crunched. From the best time of day for click-through rates to keywords that convert into a web lead or phone call.

We do this to ensure that you're getting the most out of the money you spend on PPC. We monitor such things as quality score, bounce rate, cost-per-click, location of the searcher, time of day, mobile or desktop, impression share for both search and display, impressions, number of pages visited, and much more.

While mathematical equations are always a constant we back it by the human touch to make decisions, based on human logic, that computers just can't do. Each of our PPC managers is up-to-date with all the new technology and data in the SEM world.


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