Please Help: 3GE Employee Blog Post Competition – You Win, They Win!


We like to have fun at 3GEngagement, we work hard and play hard. A week or so ago Chris Hanson put up $100 for the team member who gets the most comments, plus the most shares, on their highest performing blog post for the month of July. In order to do that we need your help. Below are the posts included in the contest, please take a look at them and leave a comment and/or share your favorite one. Make sure that you share using the buttons on each blog post, this is how they will be tracked.

So, I bet you’re wondering how you win? Easy, we will pick one person, at random, from everybody that has left a comment on one of the posts below. The winner will receive a $25 amazon gift card. Oh, not to mention you will win just by reading some amazing content…

Thank you for the help!

Posts Up For Consideration (links open in new window):

P.S. (Can you even do that in a blog post?) Leave a comment below with the word update as the comment and check the box below the submit button that says notify me of follow-up comments by email and then click the submit comment button. By doing that you will get an email letting you know if more posts will be added to the contests. Thank you again!

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