Use Video Email To Generate More Business & Close More Deals

Loaded with features but easy to use, 3GEVideoEmail will help you to sell more cars. With our system, you simply record – stop – send and then we take care of the rest.  After you hit send, it uploads to our server, encodes the video and then sends to your customer.  We’ll even let you know when the video was viewed and how many times they viewed it!

Adding video to your emails just makes sense, its a great way to build rapport by allowing you to stand out, making you and your dealership the obvious choice! With 3GEVideoEmail you can connect with your customers like never before!


  • Ability to save videos to the dashboard
  • Contact address book
  • Recording up to 10 minutes
  • Videos play on smartphones & tablets
  • Self-destruct option on videos
  • Short URL link to videos
  • Video testimonials widget
  • Embed code for your website
  • Full idea gallery coming soon!

We make video easy! 3GEVideoEmail is a full featured video platform which enables your dealership and salespeople to record and distribute video content. Place the  video short URLs in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…anywhere! This takes your video email beyond just email by allowing you to send viewers to a site you control, unlike YouTube.

Video Email & 3GE Go Way Back

Chris Hanson, founder and CEO of 3GEngagement has been using video email since 2005 when very few people knew it even existed.  In fact, Computer World called him because they heard that he was using video email to communicate with his customers to sell cars.  That was back when Hanson was one of the top Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep salespeople in the country.

Computer World wrote an article on 3/25/05 called “Video e-mail goes corporate” where they wrote about how people were using video email in the business world.  They also interviewed me on how I was using it in the car business.

“That is exactly what Chrysler Group sales representative Chris Hanson did when he responded to a woman interested in a Chrysler 300 vehicle. Hanson replied to her questions via video e-mail and told her that the car she wanted was in the showroom. That same day, she drove three hours to purchase the car.

“Adding a face to the e-mail adds a new dimension to your selling,” said Hanson. After the transaction, he zipped off a follow-up video message thanking her for her business. “Customers can get the same information from other dealerships, but if you have a decent personality and can portray that in your e-mail, the customer will connect with you,” he says.