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Automotive PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is the best way to get traffic to your dealerships website, today! Most dealerships have some level of involvement in PPC, many of which are fearful to run their own advertising campaigns. That’s where 3GEngagement comes in.

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Drive More Traffic, Sell More Service.

Is your dealership taking advantage of the nearly 2 million service appointments scheduled each month online? Are you letting the independent shops rule the online searches and digital fixed ops? If you’re ready to make a change and drive traffic, RO’s, customer loyalty and word-of-mouth then...

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Let us help you.

You spoke, we listened! We know about the headaches, heck we’ve experienced it ourselves while working in dealerships so we have first hand knowledge about how much of a pain it can be to post ads on free classified listing sites.

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Introducing a Brand New Service We Provide

Introducing a Brand New Service We Provide

How are your current and potential customers finding you online?

You can find out how your business appears across the internet by following this link and scanning it now. Find out what you may be missing!

Some of Our Reviews

3GEngagement presents a quality of work unlike any other automotive digital shop I've ever worked with - my hats off to Nick for his exemplary Account Management service. Would I refer 3G? My answer is: Of COURSE!

Jennifer Mon Aug 12 2013

Having 3GE on board with our Fixed Ops has really let us grow our online presence. They remind me about upcoming deadlines and follow through with the plans we lay out. They are very hard workers that have helped grow our online service traffic.

Terry West Fri Aug 09 2013

I often find myself not having the time to monitor online analytics. 3GE makes it easy for us to maintain a professional looking website with little direction. They always seem to just get it done! They continue to exceed my constantly rising expectations.

Jake St. John Fri Aug 09 2013

Could not be happier at the level and quality of service we receive from the entire 3GE team. Not only do they respond promptly to any requests I have, but they are also pro-active in assisting me in furthering the progress of our site and campaigns.

Brock Kassing Fri Aug 09 2013

Our Team

Chris Hanson has been in the car business for 15+ years where he became one of the top Chrysler Salesperson in the country, Internet Manager, Sales Trainer and Director of eCommerce. Because of his experience and results in retail, he was recruited for a SUBARU Digital Strategist position working with SOA, their Regions, Zones and Dealers. ... Read more

Chris Hanson CEO, Founder

Bobbi-Jo started by answering phones and taking service orders in the office of her father’s small business at age 15. At 19 she was the sole office employee of a foam factory in Northern Minnesota and over the years has worked in a similar capacity of various companies. ... Read more

Bobbi-Jo Hanson Controller, Co-Founder

For many people, naming your child, a business or a pet (and for those of you who know me well, you know that I have named a few dogs in my day) is simply picking out a name that they like the sound of or is the flavor of the day. For others, it takes on a more important role. ... Read more

The 3Gs The story behind the name

David Johnson got started in the auto industry as a salesperson at a Ford/Mercury store in Florida’s Panhandle. He quickly showed his prowess as a salesperson, averaging 25 cars per month, with perfect CSI scores. Soon he took over the internet sales department and grew it into a full fledged business development center (BDC) with 6 employees, handling just over 1000 leads per month. ... Read more

David Johnson Vice President, Partner

Josh started his web development career with a Bachelor’s Degree from Southeastern Louisiana University. Throughout his college career he worked as a CNC Programmer for a local granite countertop company. Shortly after obtaining his degree, he was hired by 3GEngagement two months after it started. ... Read more

Josh Donaldson Operations Manager, Partner

Collin is a Colorado Springs native with 12 years experience in automotive advertising design, for both print & web, and has spent five of those years developing websites and animated banner ads for clients in the auto industry.

His skills include extensive knowledge of the core Adobe Designer programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, DreamWeaver; Organization and Process Development; Proofreading/Editing; programming in HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP. ... Read more

Collin Burton Art Director / Web Developer

Derek is a Colorado Springs native with more than 15 years of automotive advertising experience, including design for print and web, copywriting and voiceover for both radio and television. When he's not designing or writing, he can be found playing hockey, hosting pub trivia, recording podcasts, performing improv and standup comedy and spending time with his son, Max. ... Read more

Derek Knight Production Manager

Dwayne spent over 25 years in the retail car business working in positions ranging from New Car prep to General Manager. He is a father to two wonderful daughters, stepfather to a great stepson and a wonderful stepdaughter and Paca (Grandfather) to four adorable grandchildren. ... Read more

Dwayne Shirley Director of Account Management

Nick has knowledge in the car business ranging from retail internet sales to SEO and digital advertising. He brings 4+ years of experience in the industry. On the job, he enjoys making connections with clients and helping them grow their business online. Off the job, he enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, camping, hiking, and working with Chi Alpha campus ministries where he lives in Northwest Arkansas. ... Read more

Nick Gilley Account Manager

Dewey had his first interest towards web design in 2009 while attending college. Realizing a need for versatility in web development, he sharpened his skills with graphic design, web layout, and typography. He enjoys staying current with his web designer career and finds exciting ways to build websites for every client. ... Read more

Dewey Ritter Web Developer

Emerging from the womb at a healthy 4'8" and 66 pounds, it was clear that Justin was destined for big things, like not fitting in a SmartCar. Justin eschewed the traditional education route early in his life and gained invaluable experience trekking across the globe, holding down odd jobs including building pillar, power forward, tree, telephone pole and also, oddly, the world's tallest circus midget. Justin brings his considerable skill set to 3GEngagement primarily because it's "really fun to have a grown up job, you guys." ... Read more

Justin Proffitt Lead Web Programmer

Robert has recently moved to Colorado from North Carolina, bringing with him his many years of experience in accounting and business management. ... Read more

Robert Dunkirk Business Manager / Bookkeeper

Jessica has been in the graphic design industry for over 10 years with experience in identity, web and print advertising design. She found a love for writing, art and photography in high school and pursued that love with a visual journalism degree from CSU Fullerton. She is new to the state, having moved from California in 2012, but is happy to be making a home in colorful Colorado. ... Read more

Jessica Moore Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Ryan moved to Greeley to attend the University of Northern Colorado where he earned a BA in Visual Communication Design. He served as the creative director for four years at his university's collegiate newspaper where he gained experience in both editorial, advertising, and web design. His work has been recognized by national organizations and he was also a featured designer by the Art Directors Club of Denver. He's a passionate person who loves what he does. ... Read more

Ryan Anderson Graphic Designer

Bill Blackburn started his automotive career at the age of 16. Working summers and evenings as a lot man, porter, and inventory control specialist. Never expecting a career in the automobile industry to be part of his future. He continued in his automotive education and expanded his automotive experience while attending college. ... Read more

Bill Blackburn Web Developer

Cynthia has been involved in business and writing throughout high school and college as an entrepreneur, secretary, customer service representative, and writer. She studies all forms of writing including journalism, screenwriting, plays, non-fiction, and fictional novels and short stories. So far she’s the published author of two cookbooks and four supplements to Apologetics competition for homeschool speakers, and she’s glad to be practicing writing as a content writer for 3GEngagement. She currently studies theatre at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. ... Read more

Cynthia Jeub Content Writer


Gabe Hanson Support